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Industry jargon

Print jargon – common printing terms explained

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Image pressed into paper so it lies below the surface
Shaped cut-out leaflet or brochure
digital printing
Printing straight from electronic artwork (no plates used as with litho print). Typically printed out of four-colour process. Ideal for short runs (up to about 1,000)
digital proofing
Proofing direct from digital files instead of using film
desktop publishing
Creation of artwork and print from your computer using a PC or publishing MAC
DL envelope
Standard envelope size measuring 110 mm x 220 mm, takes A4 sheets, folded into three
Dots per inch, indicating the resolution of images. The more dots per inch, the higher the resolution and the better quality the image
Printing on both sides of a sheet of paper. Term applies to digital printing presses
Image printed in two colours
Drilling of holes in literature to allow insertion over rings in a binder
Sample of a proposed job made up with the actual materials and cut to size to show bulk, etc.
Printed matter sealed in a plastic coating to provide a rigid, watertight covering
Process of raising letters or designs on card or tough paper already printed
Encapsulated Postscript File – file format that can be read across different programs on MAC or PC computers.
All operations after printing
Specific software (Marksware Flightcheck) used to test files to make sure fonts, images, colours and page sizes are correct
Even with (often used in reference to margins)
Page number
Set of letters, numbers and symbols that share a unified design. The design is called a typeface
four-colour process
Full-colour printing using four constituent colours: cyan, yellow, magenta and black
four-up, three-up, two-up
Number of similar items printed on one sheet of paper
four back nothing (4/0)
Printed four colours on one side only
four back one (4/1)
Printed four colours on one side and one colour on the reverse
four back two (4/2)
Printed four colours on one side and two colours on the reverse
four back four (4/4)
Printed 4 colours on both sides
Grammes per square metre. Standard measure of paper weight
gloss coating
Coating applied to printed matter which is quick drying and protects literature from ink smudging and finger marking and gives a gloss finish. See also ‘coating’
grain of the paper
Machine-made paper is made up of many fibres, which in general, tend to line up in one direction due to the nature of the process. This produces a preferred direction or grain along which it is easier to fold, bend or tear paper.
gloss varnish
Varnish applied to printed matter to protect against smudging and finger marking and to give a gloss finish. See also ‘coating’
Device on a printing machine for holding the sheet during the printing or finishing process
gripper allowance
Margin of paper along the gripper edge of the sheet that is held by the gripper and cannot be printed on
Inside margins or blank space between two facing pages. The gutter space is the extra space allowance used to accommodate the binding in books and magazines.
Spots or imperfections in printed items due to dirt on press, dried ink, paper particles, etc.
house sheet
Paper bought in bulk by a printer for general use
Considered to be the best printers
The inked areas on a printing plate
Plans for the arrangement of the pages of a job so that they will follow in the correct sequence when folded
Leaflet or other printed material inserted loose in a publication or mailing package
international paper sizes
Standard range of metric paper sizes as defined by the paper International Standards Organisation (ISO) and British Standards Institute
I-R Drying
The use of infrared radiation to quickly dry a water-based emulsion coating on a sheet of paper
Integrated Services Digital Networking. A method of sending artwork – a telephone network service that carries data and voice transmissions by digital means
Job Definition Format – a type of computer language that automates workflows from desktop to final print production
Joint Photographic Experts Group – file format for image files
Shaped cut out from two-layered stock – mostly used for peel-off stickers
Checking the quality